Watsu 2

Prerequisite: Watsu 1 plus 10 logged practice sessions.
Watsu 2 is recognized by W A B A ( W o r l d w i d e Aquatic Bodywork Association) as part of the Watsu learning program and gives 50 hours of credit for registration with WABA and Watsu Hungary.
Watsu 2 expands the Transition Flow taught in Watsu 1. You learn additional movements and bodywork in each position and how to incorporate them in a session. You learn about the meridians and acupressure points in Watsu and, while following the client's tendency to move, how to creatively explore your own movements. Practicing acupressure massage, lifts, pushes and pulls introduced at this stage, helps develop the ability to explore and play with energy. Because you now have so much material to work and play with, it is recommended that you give at least 20 practice sessions before going on to Watsu 3 or another form of aquatic bodywork.